Sleepy Hams is a project dedicated to providing a large public Mumble server to people looking to socialize and game.

Initially, this project is aimed at supporting World of Warcraft Cross-Realm Raids, but the server can just as easily be used for voice chat in other online games, or even just as a voice-chat chatroom. The information can be publicly given to pick-up groups and friends alike.

The server will be moderated – hate speech and harassment will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with swiftly.  Being ignorant of this rule of expected human decency will not be accepted as an excuse to break it – if you’re on the server, regardless of how you came by the information, you will be held accountable to the best of the server administrator’s ability.

Important – initially, all users must be registered on the server manually by an administrator while we get this off the ground. As a result, there may be a short period of time before you can move into a channel where you can talk. We appreciate your patience! If you’ve been waiting for more than a few minutes, please send a tweet to @vitaemachina with your Mumble username. If you don’t see someone in the Moderation Lounge channel, there may not be anyone online who can give you permission to move into the rest of the server – we apologize for the inconvenience and will rectify it as soon as possible!